Dog Collar Sizing:

Please see each individual collar for the size and width available in that particular design. Below is a general guideline for dog size and comfortable widths for them. 

Dog Collar Length:

Each design will have the lengths available based on the different size of dogs it will fit comfortably. Below are all the lengths offered throughout the shop.

 Accessory Sizing:

Please choose the width of the collar the accessory will be attaching to. For example: if you order a 1" wide collar, please choose 1" option. Accessories are custom made to fit the width chosen.  You do not need to order a Wagologie collar for the accessory to fit. If you already have a collar and are looking for an accessory, please choose the corresponding width to the collar you already have. 


Please contact us with any questions about sizing and the best fitting collars for your dog. We are happy to help and want your dog to be comfortable in their new Wagologie collars!